Cirkit of Mythos presents “Carne-val” at the
Altered State Fair” (presented by MFA Gallery)
Oct 15, 7-11 PM @ the Kessler Theatre, Dallas, TX

Cirkit of Mythos is a group of Dallas/Fort Worth artists. Group members active in “Carne-val” include Omar Hernandez, Eddy Rawlinson, Jason Reynaga, and Ryder Richards. For this exhibit (Altered State Fair) the group has developed “Carne-val,” a one-night-only performance playing with stereotypes and loss of dignity as a cultural ritual.


— Carne-val Statement —

Carnivals, sideshows, attractions, and bizarre decadence. You must be paying for the experience, because we all know cotton candy is 90% air and you threw up that funnel cake after a ride on the Whirligig. Oh, and don’t forget that $45 stuffed animal proving you can throw a baseball. Might want to throw it in the wash, there’s still a bit of funnel cake on it.

In the tradition of the classic Carney trickery and over-the-top cheesiness of the state fair with their shameless pitch to sale out kitsch, Cirkit of Mythos offers the American classic machine fetish: a beautiful, scantly clad girl next to a guy on a motorcycle.

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