July 27 -August 24, 2012
Cirkit of Mythos
Antena Gallery, Chicago, IL

We can’t help it. Living in Texas makes us better than you. Just look at the art, y’all. We deal with real issues, like chicks, engines, guns, and sex. None of this political panty-waist, hand-wringing and whining about ourselves or crying about the earth or any of that hippy shit. We make work about real stuff. Like how men jump in head first breaking shit and fuck anything, and how lame it is that people get all caught up in power when all you need is a warm hole to holster your gun and some wind in your hair.

Or not…

Exposing the dialectic of hypocrisy entrenched in stereotype, the Dallas based art group Cirkit of Mythos presents “Texploitation,” an examination of cliché as the ambiguous prophet of truth. Focused on personal mythology as environmentally determined, the Texas artists take on the icons of the West and modern masculinity as politically charged and contentious while heralding a warning of extremity and romanticized notions of power. Held at Antena in Chicago on July 27- Aug 24 , 2012 the exhibit will feature a series of small paintings and drawings proving that not everything is bigger in Texas. Please join us for the reception on Friday, July 27 from 6-9 PM.

With a cast of rotating members this exhibition features works from four artists: Steve Cruz (Director of MFA Gallery, Dallas), Omar Hernandez (Professor at El Centro College), Eddy Rawlinson (Dean of Arts and Sciences at El Centro College) and Ryder Richards (Gallery Director at Richland College).

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